Race Data Power™ by Precision AutoResearch

     Racing is all about going faster and faster… And it’s about power: horsepower, cornering power, braking power, and brainpower. In any activity, knowledge is power, but real racing knowledge is difficult to obtain, usually requiring years of practice (called trial and error) and lots of experience (called money). This is why, in any type of racing, only a very few ever make it to the top of their sport. Enter Race Data Power.

     Race Data Power is a collection of useful and easy to use racing workbooks, all on CD-ROM. They provide invaluable insight into the science of racing that you won’t find in any racing magazine or book.

     The workbooks, written in Excel, allow users to input their own real data. The pre-programmed formulas will perform the complex engineering calculations and display quantitative results.

     In addition, the workbooks contain a wealth technical reference information; from electrics to metallurgy to unit conversions. They also provide an excellent race engineering tutorial.

     Best of all, Race Data Power is for every member on the racing team.


Here are some PDF’s to download concerning Race Data Power:

WPT Web RDP Chassis 4

WPT Web RDP Driver 3

WPT Web RDP Engine 1

WPT Web RDP Fabricator 2