Dyno Snowmobile

     At WPT our engine dynameters are serious development tool, not a marketing tool. We prefer not to quote dyno numbers. We can collect so many different kinds of information for a dyno run, it requires three different computers to collect it all.

     Our Snowmobile dyno can handle up to 320 horse power. It is used for development, as well as tuning and setup for race customers. The equipment is also used for contract consulting and development projects.

     The standard data recorded is RPM, Torque, HP, BMEP Fuel flow in lbs. per hr., Brake Specific Fuel Consumption, Exhaust Gas Temp, Spark Plug Base Temp Engine Temp.

     Additional information can be collected as Spark Advance at any given RPM, Lambda Oxygen sensors, Knock sensors, additional Temp Sensors, Ignition oscilloscope recording. All can be done.

     All WPT dyno work is confidential and is shared with no one else.
Clients are welcome when performing work for them. The more you understand about it, the better you can use the information. To get the most out of your engines, it is important to know this information.

     We have a controlled Closed Cooling system for water cooled engines and big blower fans for air cooled engines. Our mounting stand is very universal in mounting. We place a drive coupler on the end of the crankshaft similar in weight to a drive clutch. All our mounting plates are slotted in two directions. So we only need to have spacers made for each engine height. Crankcase with side mounts are more challenging but have always been able to accommodate.

     Bench Evaluation: Disassemble, evaluate all measurements and document only. No charge with Race Prep. Reassemble after cleaning parts if further work is not done by WPT. If/When we prepare your race engine, the above is not charged. It is part of doing it right. We need to know what you need first.

     Dynamometer Break-in Service: Highly recommended. Our test facility can do the break-in of your engine better and in more controlled conditions than can be done on a boat. This saves you time as your engine is delivered to you with knowledge that it runs correctly and is race ready.

     Dynamometer Service: Racers may come to our facility or ship engines to WPT for Dyno tuning and evaluation of many engines in a days time. See which of your engines is better and tune the best performance out of each one. Fuels, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, are things you can now verify with solid data, no longer just opinion.

     Providing Us With Equipment: You need to provide good parts to work from and WPT can prepare Quality, Legal Race Engine using techniques acquired from 25 years of preparing race engines. Each engine is prepared to the best of the ability of the parts provided. New parts will be recommended when required. It is our goal to make every engine, a winning engine.

  • Dynamometer Service(per day charge) $400