Wienandt Performance Technology, Inc. 

     WIENANDT Performance Technology (WPT) is a small family business that brings great pride to Mike and Kim Wienandt. Mike manages all design and development operations. All finish porting and machining is done personally by Mike. Kim Wienandt takes care of all the shipping book keeping work.

Our oldest son Jonathon also works in the business with us. Jon is 26, and currently the head Design and Development Technician. Jon is also the chief Dyno Technician at WPT. Jon travels with me in the summer time and works for one of the boat racing teams we support. Jon is the driver of the Line2Line Pro Hydro owned and managed by WPT.

We work in the shop all week but almost every week end we are at a race some where. Summer time it’s boat races and winter it’s snowmobile races. We travel many different circuits to stay in touch with our products in the field. We are always available at any race we attend for consulting. We need you to know the information you need to be successful.

Mike is a 37 year veteran of the American Power Boat Association. Mike has held offices of Club Commodore, Region Chairman, BOD member, Technical Committee Chairman, OPC Category Chairman as well as worked as Inspector, Chief Referee and Race Director.  He also has been a member of the United States Snowmobile Association since 1979 and has held many positions there as well. Racing has been my life, and racing is our business.

With new critical projects, the shop is closed to the public, for security reasons. Special appointments can be arranged in advance.

Mission Statement

Wienandt Performance Technology (WPT) will provide the best engine possible within the guidelines you provide. When you win, we win, and that is very important to us. Advanced technology along with WPT quality gives us our advantage, we want to share that with you to bring you to the winner’s circle. We want to do it first, and we want to do it better. That is our goal and commitment.

Racing has been my life, and racing is our business.
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“Winning is everything, because second is the first loser.”

Mike Wienandt