WPT had one heck of a summer. The winning tradition just keeps going!

January 1, 2012 –

WPT had one heck of a summer. The winning tradition just keeps going!

News in Sport Trucks:

In sport trucks we had John Rossier from Green Bay, Wisconsin absolutely dominate the season winning 23 races in a row and setting fastest times at three different race tracks 22 times. The sport trucks use a fan cooled two stroke engine prepared by WPT. This is the second year in a row we won the points championship. Last year’s winner Jason Plutz, was second in the points chase also running WPT equipment.

News in Outboard Performance Craft Boat Racing:

This year brought two National Championships for WPT with Denise Telcott of Houghton, MI winning the Sport C championship. This is the sixth title in this class for a WPT-prepared engine. And the hotly contested SST60 class was won by Rob Rinker of Tampa FL. Rob also won the APR Superleague championship along with the national high points title. These wins put Rob into the ABPA Hall of Champions which will have the induction ceremony in Chicago, Illinois in January, 2012. This is the 11th National Championship in SST 60 for WPT!

News in Pro Outboard Boat Racing:

Pro outboard racing is a great new challenge for us at WPT. Because we needed new challenges beyond the spec class boat racing wins over the past decade, we needed to chase the advanced technology in Pro boat racing to stay on top. Our program started out slow but by the end of the year, we advanced to a top three boat in the United States. Winning heats at the National championship in two classes. We scored 2nd place in the 175cc class and 4th in 125cc hydro at the National Championships. The 125cc and 175cc driver was Brian Palmquist, and he did a fantastic job as we learned the new challenges of Pro racing again. The 175 driver for next year Jon Wienandt, was in training this summer scoring two 3rd place finishes in D Mod Hydro. Our plans for next year are extensive with a new motor program and with products and help from Line2Line Coatings we are making things happen. We have also built a totally new computerized dyno just for high rpm Pro engines.

Our winter race engine preparation program is already completely booked. And the summer race programs are already filling up fast. Our availability will be VERY limited in 2012 as advanced booking and development contracts are already being put in place. Please contact us soon to discuss your racing needs.

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