Sno Cross Racing (SNO-X)

     Sno Cross racing is the newest market that the manufactures can not satisfy. As the OEM sell a mod package, it only comes with more compression, different reeds and a set of pipes. This just shows you the lack of engineering budgets to really race in the arena. We take over from there. WPT can finish the job of developing a race engine with a smooth strong power band the puts the factory kits to absolute shame. Big power is great, drivable big power is even better. Watch for our logo’s in the winners circle.


Stock Class

     Stock class of Sno X still needs work for the engines. If you are really a player this is a must. We take the engine completely apart and reassemble with a few little detail tricks here and there. Even a new engine does not come from the factory with a crank the meets our standards. We start by straitening the crank. Care full base gasket choice to put the ports and head where we want it to match the fuel we recommend. From dyno testing we select the spark plug and jetting to get the most out of your package. This along with then knowing where to tune your engine puts you ahead of your competitors.


Ski Doo 600 Open Mod

     Again we start from the bottom with crank work. Crank case modifications are done and the cylinders are ported for many reasons. We want better breathing coming in. We increase the trapping efficiency of the cylinder and alter the exhaust port, passage and flange to tune the power band differently. We do not use the OEM combustion chambers. Rather we replace them with our own design that cools better, has a better shaped combustion chamber to burn more of the fuel in the chamber. Combustion chambers can be changed for correcting for weather and or elevation better than changing base gaskets. Cylinder head design is our specialty. There are many detail tricks that I will not mention that 25 years of building race engine bring to us. Our pipes are designed for the 73mm long stroke not to rev high but to give very strong torque up to a reasonable piston speed. Not beyond like the OEM pipe. The Ski Doo Exhaust I feel is one of the most difficult to fit and is cost reflected.


Polaris 600 Open Mod

     The Polaris engine requires more work to be done to it due to some fundamental design errors. This engine needs extensive crank case and cylinder work. Heads are more complicated than just more compression. The head is re-machined to accept changeable combustion chambers. The combustion chambers WPT designed for better cooling and better combustion. We certainly recommend a different fuel to go along with this package. This is an advanced design program that has no competitors

     Bench Evaluation: Disassemble, evaluate all measurements and document only. No charge with Race Prep. Reassemble after cleaning parts if further work is not done by WPT. If/When we prepare your race engine, the above is not charged. It is part of doing it right. We need to know what you need first.

     Dynamometer Break-In Service: Highly recommended. Our test facility can do the break-in of your engine better and in more controlled conditions than can be done on a boat. This saves you time as your engine is delivered to you with knowledge that it runs correctly and is race ready.

     Dynamometer Service: Racers may come to our facility or ship engines to WPT for Dyno tuning and evaluation of many engines in a days time. See which of your engines is better and tune the best performance out of each one. Fuels, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, are things you can now verify with solid data, no longer just opinion.

     Providing Us With Equipment: You need to provide good parts to work from and WPT can prepare Quality, Legal Race Engine using techniques acquired from 25 years of preparing race engines. Each engine is prepared to the best of the ability of the parts provided. New parts will be recommended when required. It is our goal to make every engine, a winning engine.