Optimum Power™ by OPTIMUM Power Technology

     WIENANDT Performance Technology has had a relationship with OPTIMUM POWER since 2002. The tools they provide to WPT are the most powerful engine computer simulation system in the business. We work as partners, they provide WPT the tools to do what very few can, and we promote the products by showing to OEMs, and doing consulting with Optimum Power. (See link below)

     This tool is used by many OEMs and no other snowmobile performance shop. Optimum Power provides professional grade tools for the very well educated. You can’t buy this out of the back of Hot Rod Magazine. This software is what every OEM should have.

     WPT is the leading 2 cycle computer simulation modeler in the world. Doing more than 65 projects and performing more than 7000 simulations. Our knowledge base runs very deep.

     We use this to evaluate engines and there performance characteristics. We can build a complete engine model in about an hour in the computer. We can simulate the engine with different intake sizes, porting, compression ratios, or exhaust systems. It is extremely detailed. Mike has so much experience with this, he knows where the peak cylinder pressure can equal detonation on a given BMEP level. So we can even predict durability.

     We run many simulations to get a feel for what and engine response to. This way we do not waste time and money testing things that don’t work. We don’t make scrap parts, we make winning racing engines and the educational development tools from Optimum Power aid in this a great deal.

     WPT can be contracted to OEM s or your race team to do this type work for you. We have done this for some major manufacturers in the past. Contracts are required for this.

     Let us show you how Optimum Power software can help in your 2 cycle or 4 cycle development work.


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