A New Direction Announced for WPT

October 24, 2007 –

A New Direction Announced for WPT

After another very successful summer race season WPT has changed the business focus. The detailed quality work required to prepare winning race engines is immense. WPT is no longer preparing race equipment for any and all takers. But we are now focusing on a very narrow few that have development contracts with use. This exclusive work has opened new doors of development that in the past, time was just not there to do. Currently WPT’s time is booked through the spring of 2008. At that time new contract requests will be evaluated. Research and Development is critical. At WPT, I want to do it better and I want to do it first. I am enjoying the time we are now taking to continue many R& D projects we have planed in the past.

Our Vintage work will continue with Smith Brothers Racing from Alaska. Again Arctic Cat power plants prepared by Wienandt. We are preparing everything from 1972 to 1982 air and liquid cooled engines for Vintage racing and Champ equipment.

.We have a new development program with SCCA Formula 500 team of Jack Walburn and Jason Knuteson. This year’s SCCA Run off are already showing the fruits of our labor with a pole position. And more to come there yet.

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