August 25, 2014

The New WPT Building

Construction starts next week for all the new rooms inside the new WPT building. There will be Machine room, Grinding room, New office and Dyno room to hold 4 active computerized dynos. Getting ready for the winter season. Work to be complete in 30 days. Game on!

WPT New Shop 3D Layout


April 6, 2014

WIENANDT Performance Technology is back in action with a new facility in Greenville WI. After a year and a half working on government drone engines in South Carolina we are very pleased to be back in the snow belt for racing again. Snowmobile racing all winter and boat racing all summer.  Two stroke car and truck racing as well.  Life is good! WPT is preparing a new race shop with all the key features.  Machine shop room,  Assembly room,  Dyno rooms for three active computerized Dynamometers  and offices.

WIENANDT Performance Technology
N1668 Linda Lou Dr.
Greenville, WI 44942


May 1, 2013 –

Wienandt Performance Technology Is Temporarily Not Accepting New Work

Mike Wienandt and the WPT Racing team have moved and are temporarily not accepting any new work.

Our staff is currently involved in a full-time project that requires our full dedication.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We hope to be back to our normal operating capacity soon!

To all of our loyal customers – Thank you for your support & interest, we will keep you updated!


January 1, 2012 –

WPT had one heck of a summer. The winning tradition just keeps going!

News in Sport Trucks:

In sport trucks we had John Rossier from Green Bay, Wisconsin absolutely dominate the season winning 23 races in a row and setting fastest times at three different race tracks 22 times. The sport trucks use a fan cooled two stroke engine prepared by WPT. This is the second year in a row we won the points championship. Last year’s winner Jason Plutz, was second in the points chase also running WPT equipment.

News in Outboard Performance Craft Boat Racing:

This year brought two National Championships for WPT with Denise Telcott of Houghton, MI winning the Sport C championship. This is the sixth title in this class for a WPT-prepared engine. And the hotly contested SST60 class was won by Rob Rinker of Tampa FL. Rob also won the APR Superleague championship along with the national high points title. These wins put Rob into the ABPA Hall of Champions which will have the induction ceremony in Chicago, Illinois in January, 2012. This is the 11th National Championship in SST 60 for WPT!

News in Pro Outboard Boat Racing:

Pro outboard racing is a great new challenge for us at WPT. Because we needed new challenges beyond the spec class boat racing wins over the past decade, we needed to chase the advanced technology in Pro boat racing to stay on top. Our program started out slow but by the end of the year, we advanced to a top three boat in the United States. Winning heats at the National championship in two classes. We scored 2nd place in the 175cc class and 4th in 125cc hydro at the National Championships. The 125cc and 175cc driver was Brian Palmquist, and he did a fantastic job as we learned the new challenges of Pro racing again. The 175 driver for next year Jon Wienandt, was in training this summer scoring two 3rd place finishes in D Mod Hydro. Our plans for next year are extensive with a new motor program and with products and help from Line2Line Coatings we are making things happen. We have also built a totally new computerized dyno just for high rpm Pro engines.

Our winter race engine preparation program is already completely booked. And the summer race programs are already filling up fast. Our availability will be VERY limited in 2012 as advanced booking and development contracts are already being put in place. Please contact us soon to discuss your racing needs.

November 1, 2010 –

Going Back To Pro Racing

Wienandt Performance Technology (WPT) is expanding its focus in boat racing with the addition of major developments in PRO outboard racing. Traditionally, WPT has focused almost exclusively on OPC outboard racing. However, with multiple championships in almost every class of OPC, the challenge must now be extended to other divisions of boat racing.  PRO outboard racing brings that challenge back.

What will the program look like? To control all aspects of the new program, Jon Wienandt will own a new racing team based from WPT headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The early plan is to compete and 125cc and 175cc Hydro.

And to embrace a winning program we are pleased to announce the driver of the two classes will be Brian Palmquist from Diamond Lake, IL. Brian has an extraordinary record of 53 National Championships and has been inducted into the Hall of Champions 5 times!  Many of these titles were won with WPT products.  So it is a natural fit to bring Brian on board to the new racing program.  Mike Wienandt will be the master mind behind the curtain in charge of all motor and equipment development.

Here is a glimpse of what is planned: The boats will be B&H hydros rigged with complete data acquisition system from Precision Auto Research.  All engines will be prepared by WPT and developed with Optimum Power Technology engine simulation software and run on WPT’s computerized dynamometers as well.

Racing is dynamic and an on going engineering exercise. We want to emphasize that WPT is really looking forward to this new direction in our business and will also be assisting other PRO Teams in other classes with there engine and technical issues. Specific details on these teams will be announced at a later date.

October 23, 2010 –

WI Sport Truck Series News

The Fox River Racing Club (FRRC) linked with Wisconsin International Raceway in Kaukauna, WI hosts stock cars on the one quarter and half mile paved track. The club had its annual awards banquet Saturday night in Appleton, WI.  FRRC also host the Wisconsin Sport Truck Series. These trucks are powered by air cooled 2 cycle 500cc snowmobile engines.

WPT supported drivers did very well this year. Jason Plutz of Appleton, WI took the class points championship by winning three features, three heat races, and three fast times. They posted the fast time of the season, 16.212 seconds on the ¼ mile oval. Jason is supported by his brother, Joe, and father, Dan, along with Eric Johnson who ran the team’s spare truck to 5th in the points for the season.

Jason and his brother Joe are engineering students at UW Platteville.

Dan Plutz, Joseph Plutz, Jason Plutz and Eric Johnson

WPT engines won 7 times on the Wisconsin Sport Truck Series in 2010

October 15, 2010 –

WIENANDT Performance Technology products score big again!

This time WPT products were featured at the American Power Boat Association’s OPC National Championships in Kankakee IL over Labor Day weekend. Here are some of the highlights of the event in which WPT teams participated:

Denise Telcott from Hancock, MI won the Sport C Marathon race with and Wienandt prepared and dyno tuned engine.  Second Mike Hodges (last year’s winner) & Duane Hodges (third) were also driving WPT prepared engines.

The Sport C Sprint event was won by Dr. Thomas Kratochwill of Merrimac, Wisconsin. Tom has not raced in 12 years due to crewing for his son Tyler when he successfully raced the SST 60 and 120 classes. This year the crew/driver role was reversed with Tyler being the crew chief for his dad. Tom and Tyler prepared a beautiful new Sport C rig with a WPT engine and rigging hardware. Tom did not lose his touch as he won every heat he raced. In the finals he led for all 10 laps! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed boats were also WPT prepared engines as well.

Jose Mendana Jr. won the SST 45 class with WPT parts prepared for Renny Hardwick to assemble for Jose.  This is the third time this combination has won the nationals.

Sam LaBanco of Northbrook, IL won the top spot in the SST 60 class again this year. Sam assembles his engines from parts prepared by WPT.  Sam is an absolute joy to work with and we both keep saying to each other, why do you live so far away.

The WPT team Dillard SST 60 had a good, but initially bad weekend.  Time trails went well with a pole position 3 seconds faster than anyone.  This success was followed by winning the first elimination heat by a straightaway. The second heat involved starting from the rear of the field, and then things went very wrong.  Coming out of the first turn Brent Dillard and another boat collided and the Dillard boat was heavily damaged and could no longer compete.  A local team that had retired offered us their boat to run the final. The Dillard team worked hard rigging the old boat (which was older then driver Brent) so he could enter the finals. The first elimination heat win gave Dillard enough points to start 6th in the finals.  Brent finished the race a very respectable 5th position, earning enough points to rack up the APR series championship for the third year in a row.  Thank you to the Mike Petroni for the use of his boat!

Persistence and commitment is what bring victories to all. With WPT you can ensure championships! Ask any of the aforementioned teams!

September 1, 2010

WPT Pays Contingency Support Money

Formula 500 Contingency Support Money

WIENANDT Performance Technology (WPT), has been building
championship winning snowmobile engines since 1978.

WPT pipes have been winning in SCCA for 4 years now. In 2010, we raised the bar.

  • More usable power than any other pipe you can buy
  • The new 2010 WPT has 2 inches more clearance behind the seat than before
  • WPT designed exhaust systems (not a copy) – Uses a modified OEM manifold
  • Engine Prep and Consulting
  • Engine Dyno Testing and Development
  • Rotax parts available

WPT pipes vs HRP Pipe dyno data
(click to view graph data)

It pays to win with WPT pipes.
WPT will pay contingency support money for winners using WPT Exhaust that carry our logo
2010 and 2011 SCCA runoffs
1st $400
2nd $200
3rd $100
Pole $100
Track Record $100

When you win with WPT products we win, and it pays.

October 24, 2007 –

A New Direction Announced for WPT

After another very successful summer race season WPT has changed the business focus. The detailed quality work required to prepare winning race engines is immense. WPT is no longer preparing race equipment for any and all takers. But we are now focusing on a very narrow few that have development contracts with use. This exclusive work has opened new doors of development that in the past, time was just not there to do. Currently WPT’s time is booked through the spring of 2008. At that time new contract requests will be evaluated. Research and Development is critical. At WPT, I want to do it better and I want to do it first. I am enjoying the time we are now taking to continue many R& D projects we have planed in the past.

Our Vintage work will continue with Smith Brothers Racing from Alaska. Again Arctic Cat power plants prepared by Wienandt. We are preparing everything from 1972 to 1982 air and liquid cooled engines for Vintage racing and Champ equipment.

.We have a new development program with SCCA Formula 500 team of Jack Walburn and Jason Knuteson. This year’s SCCA Run off are already showing the fruits of our labor with a pole position. And more to come there yet.