Going Back To Pro Racing

November 1, 2010 –

Going Back To Pro Racing

Wienandt Performance Technology (WPT) is expanding its focus in boat racing with the addition of major developments in PRO outboard racing. Traditionally, WPT has focused almost exclusively on OPC outboard racing. However, with multiple championships in almost every class of OPC, the challenge must now be extended to other divisions of boat racing.  PRO outboard racing brings that challenge back.

What will the program look like? To control all aspects of the new program, Jon Wienandt will own a new racing team based from WPT headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The early plan is to compete and 125cc and 175cc Hydro.

And to embrace a winning program we are pleased to announce the driver of the two classes will be Brian Palmquist from Diamond Lake, IL. Brian has an extraordinary record of 53 National Championships and has been inducted into the Hall of Champions 5 times!  Many of these titles were won with WPT products.  So it is a natural fit to bring Brian on board to the new racing program.  Mike Wienandt will be the master mind behind the curtain in charge of all motor and equipment development.

Here is a glimpse of what is planned: The boats will be B&H hydros rigged with complete data acquisition system from Precision Auto Research.  All engines will be prepared by WPT and developed with Optimum Power Technology engine simulation software and run on WPT’s computerized dynamometers as well.

Racing is dynamic and an on going engineering exercise. We want to emphasize that WPT is really looking forward to this new direction in our business and will also be assisting other PRO Teams in other classes with there engine and technical issues. Specific details on these teams will be announced at a later date.

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