2010 OPC Nationals Congratulations!

October 15, 2010 –

WIENANDT Performance Technology products score big again!

This time WPT products were featured at the American Power Boat Association’s OPC National Championships in Kankakee IL over Labor Day weekend. Here are some of the highlights of the event in which WPT teams participated:

Denise Telcott from Hancock, MI won the Sport C Marathon race with and Wienandt prepared and dyno tuned engine.  Second Mike Hodges (last year’s winner) & Duane Hodges (third) were also driving WPT prepared engines.

The Sport C Sprint event was won by Dr. Thomas Kratochwill of Merrimac, Wisconsin. Tom has not raced in 12 years due to crewing for his son Tyler when he successfully raced the SST 60 and 120 classes. This year the crew/driver role was reversed with Tyler being the crew chief for his dad. Tom and Tyler prepared a beautiful new Sport C rig with a WPT engine and rigging hardware. Tom did not lose his touch as he won every heat he raced. In the finals he led for all 10 laps! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed boats were also WPT prepared engines as well.

Jose Mendana Jr. won the SST 45 class with WPT parts prepared for Renny Hardwick to assemble for Jose.  This is the third time this combination has won the nationals.

Sam LaBanco of Northbrook, IL won the top spot in the SST 60 class again this year. Sam assembles his engines from parts prepared by WPT.  Sam is an absolute joy to work with and we both keep saying to each other, why do you live so far away.

The WPT team Dillard SST 60 had a good, but initially bad weekend.  Time trails went well with a pole position 3 seconds faster than anyone.  This success was followed by winning the first elimination heat by a straightaway. The second heat involved starting from the rear of the field, and then things went very wrong.  Coming out of the first turn Brent Dillard and another boat collided and the Dillard boat was heavily damaged and could no longer compete.  A local team that had retired offered us their boat to run the final. The Dillard team worked hard rigging the old boat (which was older then driver Brent) so he could enter the finals. The first elimination heat win gave Dillard enough points to start 6th in the finals.  Brent finished the race a very respectable 5th position, earning enough points to rack up the APR series championship for the third year in a row.  Thank you to the Mike Petroni for the use of his boat!

Persistence and commitment is what bring victories to all. With WPT you can ensure championships! Ask any of the aforementioned teams!

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