2 Cycle Lubricants

     Racers purchase racing oils for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, these reasons are not always correct. Racers many times purchase oil because it has a cool marketing name or it’s fashionable to display the logo of the brand. And in my opinion, engine builders don’t always sell oil for the right reasons. Some dealers sell oil because they make more money on it than other brands that may actually have better performance records.

     At WPT, we are an engine center and we don’t sell oil for profit. We choose/recommend an oil because and only because, of how it performs in protecting and maximizing performance of your engine. And you should also know that if it goes fast but wears out your engine it will only cost you more money in replacing parts. Good racing oil is an important investment. One major way that we determine the quality of the oil is to examine the way the engine looks and measures after a season of racing. Rings, pistons, bores, bearings and wrist pins all need proper lubrication to prevent wear. Good oil also affects the sealing ability of reed valves and piston port systems. Thus, we want the engine to wear in, not wear out!

     For 2 cycle premix engine, my #1 choice in oil is an off shoot of a product designed for the Military. It is called Mercury Rejuvenate oil p/n 858102Q01. This oil has tremendous lubricating abilities under very high heat loads. It is incredibly clean and will clean combustion deposits. Carbon will slowly go away yet there will be enough color on the pistons to aid in reading jetting.

     More information on Mercury Rejuvenate oil p/n 858102Q01 can be found at www.rejuvenateyourengine.com

     My second choice for oil in an expensive racing engine is: YamaLube R. This is proven oil that can be bought around the country as well. More information on this oil can be found at the following web site:

     Here are my recommendations for the mixing ratio of the oil and gas:

          Powerboat racing @ 20:1 to 24:1

          Snowmobile racing @ 28:1 to 32:1

     We have won major racing events for two years with these products. These oils do what you engine builder wants! It will give you what you want: victory in racing!

     My final works of wisdom: When you win, we do too. Please follow what your engine doctor says about racing oils.